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Revelation! Now you can defeat type 2 diabetes with a safe and natural method without taking any medicines, with immediate results 100% guaranteed.

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You can naturally produce more insulin
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Robert De Angelo

Robert De Angelo

Expert in Diabetes y Author of "Diabetes Natural Therapies"

Dear Friend,

If you spare five minutes to read this article in full you will discover that is possible reverse type 2 diabetes. It is about being able to reverse it with an all-natural method and being able to get your health back at once.

How is that possible?

You simply have to change your diet and lifestyle. I assure you that you can get excellent results, unlike the results from drug treatments, which may also have very unpleasant side effects.

If you are fed up with the situation you are in now, which seems to drug you into an abyss, without being able to find your way back into sound health, then this article will be one of the most important articles you have ever read in your life.

I am writing this today because I want to explain an important scientific discovery on diabetes that will shake many pharmaceutical companies.

Let me start by telling you that a
natural management for type 2 diabetes really exists!

Let me explain...

There is a new investigation on the treatment of diabetes... Thousands of people worldwide, have been treated with this method, with excellent results, without having to puncture their fingers to inject insulin.

And to think that modern medicine continues to fail miserably – by chance or on purpose? In a few lines, I will tell you exactly what I have discovered after these long years of investigation.

First, let me explain that there are several world famous physicians, who have supported me and contributed fully to the circulatio of this information that will help you achieve a healthy life without having to take those pharmaceutical products associated with this serious disease.

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes or pre diabetes with this scientifically tested method it will be made possible to reverse it completely.

It is very likely that you have never heard of this topic from anyone else, the reason being the big companies that have no interest in invest money in this scientifically tested method known to the public.

You must be wondering how is this at all possible?

I used to think that diabetes had no cure.

You are right. At least partly.

With today’s medications, diabetes has no chance of cure, medications you take do not fight the cause of diabetes but limit only to treat the symptoms.

It's true, today there are medications to help you to treat symptoms of type 2 diabetes, but it's also true that the medications have many dangerous side effects for human health.

I have to ask you a question?

What do you think, you can be a happy person and your stress can go away, if you could reverse the type 2 diabetes using natural methods without risk to your health?

First: People trust blindly the authority of a doctor, whatever advice they give, take this medicine twice a day, after meals… and you assume, you do so because have been advised by their doctor…

Second: In some cases, such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, they feel that they have no choice because of their physical condition.

In developed countries, we have a high rate of people who suffer from these diseases while in less developed countries they are totally absent. This has been common knowledge for a very long time and microbiologists, doctors and scientists all over the world have been searching for an answer...

And finally they have come up with an answer

They have discovered that it is our way of modern life that causes these diseases.

The human body is designed to always cure itself when it is provided with what it needs.

And your diet is one of the major influences when it is suffering from type 2 diabetes.

How can our diet have such an important
impact on our lives?

I’ll try to explain by using a metaphor.
Imagine that a human body is a car designed to work with all natural organic fuel. The car is a machine that has been living and breathing like the human body for over two million years, this car uses as fuel…

Water Seeds Herbs
Fruits Plants Nuts
Vegetables Raíces Cereals

This former fuel employed by the car is the fuel on which its system is based.

Suddenly, after 2 million years, this car changes fuel with a newer and more modern mixture of:

Sugar Café Vinegar
Coca-Cola Sweetmeats Medicines
Cookies Chocolate Chemicals
Chips Cigarettes Pesticides
Fats & Oils Alcohol Preservatives

The list is long...

What do you think would happen to this "vehicle"?

Correct! It will decompose.

If it continues to use fuel, not entirely compatible with its engine as time goes by the unexpected happens… its engine begins to lose performance and starts having serious problems.

This organ tastes what is given to it by its diet, as time goes by it ends up producing less and less insulin until type 2 diabetes is diagnosed.

If you think about it...

Diabetes is not a disease of not having enough “insulin”...

...But it is the disease of an organ that
not produces enough insulin. The pancreas

In simple words, type 2 diabetes is not at all a “disease”, it is a “symptom” (a warning signal) that is telling you that your pancreas is severely damaged and fails to produce sufficient insulin which your body needs to regulate the sugar levels in your blood.

Let’s have a look at what happens in our body. The pancreas is a vital organ of the body, near the stomach. Its main function is to produce insulin. Carbohydrates stimulate the secretion of insulin more than any other food component.

There is fast carbohydrate absorption and there is also slow carbohydrate absorption from our food, this means that the pancreas has to work harder, and thus produce more insulin.

If the pancreas is overstimulated for a long period of time it is possible for it to get fully exhausted.

The pancreas can also be harmed if it is flooded with acids, which come not only from the rapid absorption of the carbohydrates we consume, but also from sugars, excessive fatty acids in food and uric acid (very common in our modern diet) which pass from the stomach directly to the pancreas.

human body diabetes

When millions of people around the world begin to experience the same health problems, there is something going wrong.

Something is out of balance and it is
no longer an “coincidence”.

What the scientists have now discovered is that... the “root cause” of type 2 diabetes is that the pancreas has started to get sick because of acids, sugars, carbohydrates, excessive fats and uric acid (very common in our modern diet).

Most of the foods in our modern diet are full of acids, carbohydrates, sugars and fats “all of them destructive elements for the pancreas”.

Given that the pancreas is located just after the stomach in the “chain” of digestion everything we eat goes directly to this delicate organ… so, instead of digesting food and producing insulin your pancreas becomes a “shocked organ”.

This means that...

Your pancreas has to absorb and neutralize all
the excessive acid that is deposited on it
because of our nutrition.

This is how pre-diabetes develops and...

If you do not stop harming the pancreas it can develop into type 2 diabetes and possibly much worse.

Our radical change in today’s nutrition (junk food and foods with few nutrients, foods with high acid contents etc…) has transformed the pancreas into the “first line of defense” against acids, waste and toxins that we digest day after day.

This is what one of our leading scientists, Dr. Robert O. Young says about the origin of diabetes.

An American microbiologist specialized in American nutrition, known as one of the leading researchers in the world. His results have impressed the entire scientific community.

He has published in medical journals and has published several important papers in collaboration with the John Hopkins School of Medicine. His results are irrefutable and undeniable. Does it begin to make more sense?... Let’s continue.

He has discovered that insulin producing cells are damaged by strong acids, which is something very important and that this can be reversed if the cells are healthy.

The cells responsible for producing insulin (called “beta cells” ) are surrounded by an overdose of acids from the food that we eat every day which means that these cells are severely damaged, until you get to paralyze the pancreas and as a result these cells stop producing insulin.

You need to know...

Inside your pancreas have beta cells called (β-cells). These are the cells that produce insulin. Normally, these cells produce insulin continuously increasing production in response to increased blood sugar that your body need after you have eaten.

As I mentioned earlier, when we eat all poisonous foods that cause the blood to become acidic, these beta cells are unable to do their job properly.

Obviously, with strong demand due to their beta cells, due to the acidity of your system, your pancreas can not working properly, and the Diabetes comes alive.

keep in mind that pancreas cells are more acidic to due food you eat and the lifestyle you lead.

Here comes the good part...

As soon as these acids stop burdening the pancreas, it stops being pressured to assimilate and neutralize acids. Once “cleaned” from all those acids, the pancreas begins to rebuild, it starts to recover gradually...

It begins to rebuild the beta cells to their natural function: insulin production.

Once you have focused on the “origin” of diabetes, you will immediately see diabetes from a different perspective, instead of “drugs” and “fighting the symptoms”, you start to think about the “health” and treat the cause.

The simple truth (which is not taken into account) on type 2 diabetes and on many other modern diseases is that it is much more important to pay attention to what you put into your body, rather than having to deal with the symptoms that drugs can fight from the outside.

As you know, prescription medications (hypoglycemic) simply mask the symptoms rather that treat them.

In addition, the problem actually gets worse, since the immune system is weakened. What is supposed to help actually makes things worse.

Something to think about... While prescribed medication can only help “artificially control” your blood sugar levels (by treating the symptoms), it does nothing to arrive at the main cause of the disease.

Something to reflect upon... Whether the prescription of medicines is a long-term solution for this disease, because diabetes is the fifth cause of death today and the precursor of other serious health problems.

So, what would be the solution?

The solution to all this is for you to return to your natural state of vibrant health... to “cleanse” yourself from the inside allowing the body to get rid of the acids that overload the cells, allowing them to start functioning properly again.

For every disease your immune system is activated and immediately begins to fight it. Your body can restore every wound, diseased organ or damaged cell that is necessary but if you continue to contaminate it, your body simply cannot continue.

Once your pancreas no longer has to neutralize and protect you from the accumulated acids, it may come back to do the job it was intended for...

How the pancreas starts to work again,
and restarts producing insulin?

Important clinical studies on a “Healthy Diet and the Right Lifestyle” have revealed the best option to fight type 2 diabetes!

A highly respected publication of the School of Medicine at UCLA, reported that patients with type 2 diabetes have completely defeated it (in just three weeks!). With a few simple changes in diet and physical activity. And this was accomplished without weight loss. According to lead researcher Dr Christian K. Roberts:”… This study shows that contrary to popular belief, type 2 diabetes can be reverse permanently...”
In 2011, British researchers (under the guidance of professor Roy Taylor, from the University of Newcastle) announced that they had found a cure for type 2 diabetes, that they had discovered that type 2 diabetes could be completely cured by simply following a special diet. The tests showed that during week 1 blood glucose was normalized. After four weeks the production of insulin was normalized. After that the participants were fed normally.
In the United States, a study on the prevention of diabetes revealed that simple changes on one’s diet and lifestyle could be much more powerful than the effects of the main glucose lowering drugs (metformin). With this natural method we are able to achieve results of increased success compared to the use of medicines!

Medical literature is full of studies showing the superiority of changes in diet and lifestyle strategies as opposed to drug treatment.

Your health is very important so you need to stay updated on the progress.

These statistics are impressive...

More than two millions of new cases of type 2 diabetes are diagnosed every year.
One diabetic dies every two seconds from the complications that this disease brings.
It is thought that more than 60 million people are affected by diabetes in the United States and still don’t know about it.
One million diabetics die every year, If people were informed this would not happen.

Here are just a few things for you to learn how to recover your health, reverse type 2 diabetes” and stimulate your body to restore your pancreas to produce more insulin...

Which substances are not so “innocent” that are currently attacking your body every day and seriously damaging the pancreas.
What to do and what not to do to normalize the blood sugar levels, naturally and in a more efficient way.
The fruit and vegetables which are most effective in cleaning excessive acid … and how to clean the pancreas thoroughly.
A combination of natural remedies, nutrition strategies and changes in lifestyle that stabilize the blood sugar level and maintain a good health.
How to reduce naturally the desire for toxic foods.
How to speed up the immune system without the need to worry about being affected by any disease, ever again.
How to apply the latest scientific advances with simple and practical steps to adjust your blood sugar levels and recover optimal health in a few weeks.
The most powerful creator of health. (Note: it is not a food or vitamin). The best way to simplify the task of making a healthy and conscious choice in your lifestyle.
A scientific discovery that helps your body to return to doing its original work which is healing and restoring the function of the pancreas, in a nutshell insulin production.

As the pancreas recovers, your blood sugar levels will drop even if you’re taking the same dosage of insulin every day.

Note: This is where you gradually begin to reduce the units of insulin taken daily. This is the first step towards freedom from type 2 diabetes drugs and insulin injections.

And while you continue to support your body with this method, it will eventually recover completely you will recover your health and will be set completely free from the drug use that only makes your health worse.

You will not believe the difference it will make in your life. For me it would be a great joy to receive a letter from people who have battled diabetes for years and are now charged with non-stop energy and an enormous sense of freedom and liberation.

Your doctor will be left surprised and speechless with your full recovery.


"My doctor told me that I am no longer diabetic, that I am free of type 2 diabetes and that I can stop all the medications."

Ben C. Rodgers

Dear Robert, my tears of joy are flowing as I’m writing this mail. After reading your E-book titled "Diabetes Natural Therapies" I had tremendous changes in my life. On 22/4/2011 I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetes patient and was put on medication. A few months later I was blessed to find your E-book which I digested in just a few hours.

After following your program for about 5 weeks I did another medical check-up in Brisbane on 03/06/2011 and I was amazed by my lab results. My blood sugar is now perfectly normal as a healthy person. My doctor told me that I am no longer diabetic, that I am free of diabetes and that I can stop all the medications. Robert I am deeply grateful to you for creating this fantastic E-book for everybody. Please let me know when you are in Australia or New Zealand giving a conference. I will be your testimonial because I want to help as many diabetes patients realize that type 2 diabetes can be reversed.


"Thank you for writing this excellent book and for adding many years to my life.”

Ben C. Rodgers

"Dear Robert, I am sitting here with tears of joy and gratitude. Everything about finding your ebook has been a miracle, because it was just what I needed. Every fiber of my being, resonates with the wisdom you share through your words. Thank you for writing this excellent book and for adding many years to my life.”


"...my blood sugar has come down to normal range, I have lost excess weight, I have all kinds of energy and I don’t take insulin anymore!”

Ben C. Rodgers

“I feel very fortunate and privileged to have found your book on the internet a few months ago and read it with great interest in a couple of days. I was quite surprised at what I was reading given the advice in the book is contrary to all the advice I had been given by my doctor. I decided to give it a go and follow your advice in the book.

I’m just astonished with the results! It is by far the most wonderful and enlightening book I’ve ever read. I was suffering from type 2 diabetes for many years. By following your program my blood sugar has come down to normal range, I have lost excess weight, I have all kinds of energy and I don’t take insulin anymore!

My overall health has improved dramatically and I am more confident with my life – I finally feel like myself again. And the big plus is being off of all prescribed medications!

You have been a blessing to me and my family and I thank God for your book and advice! I pray that God blesses you and your family the way he has allowed you to be a blessing to us.”


"My blood sugar levels used to be high 200's and 300's. Now they are in the low 100's and below 100. As a bonus I have lost 18lbs."

Ben C. Rodgers

“I would like to report to you the great success I have had with my Type II diabetes.

Within a month of listening to you, I managed to reduce my doses of medication between 50 and 80%. My blood sugar levels used to be high 200's and 300's. Now they are in the low 100's and below 100. As a bonus I have lost 18lbs. I am on my way to a diabetes free life and I am happier than ever.

I can never thank you enough for giving me a new life.”


"About 2 months ago when I started your program my blood sugar count was at 332... Just today I was given my results from my last physical and can report that my blood sugar count is 110."

Ben C. Rodgers

"About 2 months ago when I started your program my blood sugar count was at 332 and my kidneys were in very poor condition.

Just today I was given my results from my last physical and can report that my blood sugar count is 110 and my kidney function is just slightly elevated.

By the way, I forgot to mention... when I was first diagnosed, I weighed over 250 pounds and my blood pressure was high. I now weigh 193 pounds and my blood pressure is normal.

Thank you for all your help. My family and I are forever grateful.”


"...my blood tests are now showing that I am completely free of type 2 diabetes."

Ben C. Rodgers

"After being a diabetic for many years, I'm happy to report that thanks to your book, my blood tests are now showing that I am completely free of type 2 diabetes.

Saying thank you does not seem to be strong enough. God bless you and your work, just begins to express my feelings.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of type 2 diabetes forever?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally get rid of your type 2 diabetes medications and return to your normal life?

I assure you that you can do it and you can start today (read on to find out how).

Remember: You have only one body in this life.

Taking care of our health is not only a “luxury”. It is an absolute necessity if we don’t want to be hostages to drugs, constant checks and hospitalization. Otherwise, you will lose more and more energy, freedom and even your life.

And keep in mind that patients with type 2 diabetes should also consume multiple drugs to protect themselves against other complications (such as high blood pressure, heart attack, liver and kidney failure)., And these drugs are not only useless against complications, they actually kill patients with type 2 diabetes (I will demonstrate this in a moment).

Recover your life now!
You deserve to be healthy and happy!

A vigorous health is your birthright!

I want introduce the best guide to
reverse type 2 diabetes...

Diabetes Natural Therapies!

The most effective, simple and successful method to fight this disease without medicine. A scientific and clinically tested system to completely reverse type 2 diabetes in few weeks.

Diabetes Natural Therapies
Stops and eliminates type 2 diabetes.
Puts the blood sugar levels under control in less than 3 weeks.
Is so cheap that it is almost free, is your life worth this price?
Eliminates the dependence on medications for type 2 diabetes.
This program has helped thousands of diabetics worldwide.
Many people that discovered this method, now have a smile on their face.

The most effective, simple and successful method to fight this disease without medicine. A scientific and clinically tested system to completely reverse type 2 diabetes in less than 3 weeks.

You will be absolutely amazed to learn how this program will help you to improve your health, your life and you will be a smile on your face!

I have already started to fight this battle, but I cannot be alone, we have to be a huge army.

Get started now! Say stop to your sufferings and take back your life and your health.

This powerful program allows any person, young or old, to have a chance to completely reverse type 2 diabetes, directly fighting the cause
and not the symptoms.

As you can see I am very passionate about this information that can really change your life. From the moment that I revealed the “secret” of how easy it is to fight diabetes, I cannot stop talking about it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always so...

Now you have control of the situation and you are able to make decisions about your health based on solid scientific evidence.

This information can give you happiness. It can set you free from this disease (and any associated disease). It can literally save your life.

Think about it like this: the treatment of diabetes for laboratories is now a business of 264 billion dollars per year...

Honestly, what you can expect from them?

Listen carefully: Unlike many other books that you can find around, reporting only vague and contradictory information on what to eat to control diabetes (I know because I have read all their books) this program has demonstrated successful results with real patients.

And this is another secret of my program...

So, order now and receive the whole truth about diabetes, the truth that reversing type 2 diabetes naturally without drugs, forever!

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Stress is one of the major reasons for diabetes. It increases the secretion of glucagon (a hormone responsible for increasing blood glucose levels) in the body. The consistent practice of yoga aasanas, pranayam and a few minutes of meditation will help you to reduce stress in your mind and protect your body from its adverse effects.

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Initially I didn't want to give this important information for free. My idea was to sell this awesome video for $97, but only for a limited time I'll give you for free with my book Diabetes Natural Therapies™.


Get free these bonuses when you download your copy of "Diabetes Natural Therapies" (and they are yours forever, even if you are not satisfied and want to use my money back 100% guarantee 60 days risk free.")

Diabetes Natural Therapies

This is what I offer you today: I am giving you a chance, risk free, to try this revolutionary approach to regulating the blood sugar. It is like this, it is I who takes the risk for the transaction.

Also say yes! Stop saying maybe. I guarantee that you will reverse type 2 diabetes or you will pay absolutely nothing.

"60 Days Guarantee Without Risk!"

Dr. James F. Balch


The warranty has a large total duration of 60 days. If for any reason (or no reason) the manual is not to your liking or this method did not work for you, you will receive a full refund of your money.

Get FREE these bonuses when you download your copy of “Diabetes Natural Therapies”(and they will be yours forever even if you are not satisfied and you want to use my 100% Money Back Guarantee for a period of 60 days, risk free). Try ALL MATERIALS FOR 60 DAYS. Without risk.

Put into practice all that I show you in the book and if you are not satisfied with the results and you have not reversed type 2 diabetes just send me an e-mail to customers@diabetesnaturaltherapies.com and I will pay 100% of your money, no questions asked, no problems of any kind.

I would like to ask you...

How bad must your complications due to type 2 diabetes be before you are desperate enough to actually do something about it?

The fact is... as long as you remain stuck in “the trap of type 2 diabetes” you need continuous and increasing dosages of medications, complications of long-term diabetes could cause chaos to your heart, kidneys, pancreas, brain and the rest of your body, then it will be pointless to imagine, you will not be able to do anything...

On the other hand, if you are happy to live with type 2 diabetes... just be mindful that this relentless disease will eventually cost you more.

In few weeks, starting from today, you could be in same everyday situation, taking medications that just ruin your health, or you could have reversed type 2 diabetes fully and live your life happily without stress.

The choice is yours.

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Robert De Angelo

Robert De Angelo

Expert in Diabetes and Author of "Diabetes Natural Therapies"

P.S: Get your life back now! You deserve to be healthy and happy! Do not waste your precious time and money on medicines that do not address the real problem, your life is too precious. This system works because it addresses the underlying basis of the human body.

Get the best decision in your life for your health. You have nothing to lose and live to win, because you have my warranty for refund, without any risk! No questions. And you must act quickly to get this offer before the price increases, then click the link below and for now.

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